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Careful, Caring Dog Grooming

Dogs Paw offers both dog grooming and cat grooming in Park Rapids, Minnesota. We have three groomers, all of which have gone through The Dog Gurus program and received a certification. Even our non-grooming staff members must be certified. Deana, the owner, is a member of ISCC, a certified groomer with NDGAA for non-sporting breeds and has more than 15 years of experience. Prices vary by breed size, so we've provided some examples of popular breeds and their size categories below.

Chihuahua | Teacup PoodleYorkie
Toy Double Coated $39+
Toy Long Hair $35+
Toy Short Hair $25+

Miniature PoodleMalteseShih TzuWestieCavalier King Charles Spaniel
Small Double Coated $45+
Small Long Hair $40+
Small Short Hair $26+

Lhasa Apso | Jack Russel TerrierCocker Spaniel
Medium Double Coated $55+
Medium Long Hair $45+
Medium Short Hair $30+

Labrador Retriever
Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel
Large Double Coated $73+
Large Long Hair $55+
Large Short Hair $35+

Extra Large
Great DaneNewfoundlandSt. Bernard
Extra Large Double Coated $90+
Extra Large Long Hair $65+
Extra Large Short Hair $40+


A la Carte Spa Services

Any spa services can be added on to regular grooming prices. Pets coming in with fleas and/or ticks will automatically be given a treatment bath to kill the infestation at a charge of $6.00. Other spa services include:

Nail Dremel - $4.00
Nail Trims by Appointment - $9.00

Face Trim - $12.00
Nail Painting - $12.00
Teeth Brushing - $8.00
Organic Shampoo - $2-8
Zymox Shamoo - $2-8
Keratin Conditioning Treatment - $2-8
Protein Treatment - $2-8


Yes, we do groom well-behaved cats!  If your cat does well being handled and enjoys the grooming experience without being stressed, we will gladly groom your cat. If you are unsure if your cat qualifies as well-behaved, we are happy to try to groom them. If we are unable to handle your cat, you will not be charged, and we will refer you to a local veterinarian. Cat grooming starts at $46.00.